Curling Without Heat

No Heat Hair Curling MethodSo this “no heat curling” method (video link) has been making the rounds on a lot of different style blogs. I have trouble with curling my hair. I own a curling iron, I know how to use it but it *never* lasts beyond 3 hours or so. I have tried using my straightener as well. Nope. Same deal. So when I saw this method I figured, eh why not? What would it hurt?

So I wrapped my hair around the headband as instructed in the video and went to bed. In the morning I pulled it out, brushed it a tiny, tiny bit (just to smooth it out) and sprayed it with Big Sexy Hair hairspray (love that stuff!) and just let it lie as I went to work. I did play with it a bit during the day – a nervous habit of mine – and even layed on it (we have the most comfortable couch at work in the break room so I take my breaks laying on it as no one ever goes in there).

It did lose a bit of curl by the end of the work day. And since we were going out to eat I brushed it completely, at this point not caring if the curls made it through the night. But it was still slightly curly when I went to take a shower that night! I am very impressed! I have since done it twice more and I was very happy both times.

You just have to remember to pull tightly on the hair as you wrap it around, too loose and it doesn’t hold well.

I’m thrilled I have finally found something that works for me!

With lots of love,