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When I saw what actually won the poll for July my heart sank a little. I don’t like yellow. I love green and I think orange is my new favorite color (I’m still coming to terms with this since red has been my favorite color all of my life) but I really don’t like yellow. I own 2 things that are yellow – both are shoes. And one I can’t wear as it turns out it was poorly designed (for my feet anyway) and is always threatening to jump ship and make me leave it behind while I walk on! I really should just get them to move along to someone else.

That leaves this pair of shoes. And I don’t really like these. They seem to be fine so long as my feet aren’t sweaty but the minute my feet get sweaty I slid right out of them (I actually wear wide width and these are regular width). Oh well.

I nearly wore this skirt 2 months back when florals were the pick. I really like how I styled it here though. You really do notice the yellow, and since it was the pick this month I figured why not actually make it the sole focus (see what I did there – sole?! I crack me up).

Oh and as an aside – since this does not warrant it’s own post – there was a call for photos of real engagement rings on Glamour magazine’s Save the Date (their online wedding category) so I submitted mine. It got featured yesterday with a several other gorgeous engagement rings!


Short-sleeved White button down tunic: Lane Bryant (Jan 2011)
Black skirt with white stitched flowers: Thrifted (April 2008)
Yellow ruffle flip flops: Payless (June 2011)
Black and white ribbon: my craft stash
Pink floral gem necklace: Torrid (April 2011)
Gray chiffon flower earrings: Evans UK (Feb 2011)


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10 thoughts on “Everybody Everywear: Yellow

    • Missy says:

      I agree! I tried them on when I actually bought them and didn’t think it was an issue – but my feet weren’t sweaty then as I have since discovered. But eh. Maybe I will get more wear out of them in the fall when it won’t be nearly so hot out.


    • Missy says:

      Well thank you! I’ve been told that before which is why I will buy it from time to time but I just can’t get the groove on with it. I dunno why.


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