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First off, and please tell me you have already read this, you need to read the full version of the nasty email a bride-to-be received from her future-stepmother-in-law. Oy vey. How could someone be so cruel? Maybe some things were spot on, maybe they weren’t. None of us were there. Either way an email detailing the lack of etiquette another individual possesses (or doesn’t possess) is in itself lacking manners.

The Geek Girl Commandants and Geek Girl Bill of Rights – very truly geeky but very funny!

The 20 Most Re-watchable Movies of All Time – I agree with a lot of this list. Not everything but a lot of it.

What Should I read Next? – a flowchart to help you next. I may actually use this since I haven’t read very many of them, some but not all by any means.

A farming vacation? How freaky absurd! But then again I’m not a city girl (I just live in one – and it’s OMAHA I might add!). I grew up in small towns and went to high school in a farm town. I think this is completely and totally ridiculous. However, there is something to be said for those that don’t know how food actually ends up on our tables – this is one way to learn I guess.

Grilled Onion Salad – yum, yum, yum. I gotta make this!

Do you have popcorn brain from being online too much? Yeah, I gotta remember to step back every once and awhile.

Jake Gyllenhaal is going to be on Man vs Wild. I stopped watching that show once I found out it was all fake – I was SO disappointed. But I may just watch this one (July 11)…I love Jake.

They have remade Footloose. Yeah I know.

The discovery of an ancient BBQ of aurochs (who have been extinct since 1600-something). Pretty cool.

Ballerina Project – what beautiful images!!

A very cool Firefly shirt.

“Make-up” to get smooth summer legs. I gotta do something I tell you.

An ATM receipt with a $100 Million dollar balance? I doubt this is even real.

I want these shoes!! And these boots!!

This came to me via The Mary Sue – and yes for those that don’t play this is *exactly* what a lot of women experience in this game. I have had every single conversation in this video and then some. It’s not even close to the entire reason why I quite playing World of Warcraft, but it certainly didn’t help. Played for 2 years too…

I decided since I’m not starting a wedding blog (I can barely do this one!) I’ll just stick some of these cool wedding related things I find in their own catergory from time to time and that includes cool links or things I have been looking at (some of which is not necessarily wedding related).

The best lightsaber duel!

With lots of love,