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I’m not turning this into a wedding blog by any means! I just wanted to voice this outside myself!

I was watching Say Yes To The Dress: Randy Knows Best – 10 Things to Know Before Buying a Dress – and a couple of the tips hit on something in me. I’ve been looking at dresses, shoes and jewelry since I got engaged. Of course – I blog my daily outfits – so this would be one of my main focus points. 🙂 But specifically I know what looks good on me. The first place I tried was David’s Bridal online (as always the plus size selection is mostly online) and one of the first dresses I found I fell in love with:

(The V cuts on the front and back are much deeper than it shows here)

But it is not a floor length dress. Even though knee length looks better on me and would be super practical in Las Vegas in late May with all the “traipsing around” we will be doing. Oh and I get to show off fabulous shoes, which is important to me. I love the deep V in both back and front, the lace up on the top, the detailing that gives my very rectangular shape a hint of a waist. All in all my main complaint is that I love the dress – one of the first I found and got for a song – but I am second guessing myself.

Now the tips that were brought up? I’ll just share all of them and you can see which ones I’m talking about.

  • Know Your Budget
  • It’s Okay to Love the First Dress
  • Know Your Silhouette
  • Be Open to Alterations
  • Be Open to Different Styles
  • Keep Location in Mind
  • Say Yes and Stop Shopping! Wanting what you already have leads to a dead end.
  • Trust your Instincts
  • Leave Room in the Budget for Extras
  • Share Your Vision

Basically the entire list. I know my dress pick will look good on me. Correction – DOES – look good on me.


I already bought it. This specific dress is on clearance and a few weeks back they had 50% off all clearance items. I bought this dress for less than I have spent on a pair of jeans or on some of my day dresses – from Old Navy!! I suspect I will spend more on shoes than on this dress. At any rate they shipped it out and it’s been sitting in its box in my bedroom ever since. I’ve tried it on several times and it fits perfectly – so as long as I don’t gain or lose any weight I won’t need alterations. Not likely of course. Oh well.

But even after getting the dress I was searching and trying to find *the* dress. I figured with as cheap as this one was even if I didn’t wear it I had a very pretty dress that I loved and could wear for other things. Cut to me watching the show and seeing the tips. I realized that every search I was doing was in vain – I was describing the dress I already bought. Who cares that it was practically free? Who cares that it’s not floor length? I don’t like floor length much and knee length looks better on me. And who cares that it was literally one of the first dresses I found and from a major retailer to boot? I still like the dress.

Besides I am the one that wanted Las Vegas. I want a fun relaxing wedding. This dress fits the venue, the theme, the destination location, etc. It is exactly what I need and am looking for!

How did I miss that?!

So I’m done. Now I just have to figure out accessories. And that is going to be difficult. I have my headpiece figured out (will show the DIY sometime soon) as well as shoes (possibly). But I am looking for an elusive crystal/rhinestone vintage (Victorian to 1950s) silver necklace. Maybe with some green or orange or red in it. Etsy is full of great choices but I am still looking. It’s going to take awhile I am sure. I want the necklace to be a show stopper! And I don’t want earrings until after I buy the necklace – I don’t want them to compete or clash.

Oh and my mother found out I decided on a brooch bouquet and told me I didn’t need to look any further – she has more than enough that I can have, borrow, etc so long as I don’t hurt some key pieces. I know some of what she has and that’s perfect! It will definitely look stunning with this dress.

(and introducing my new signature…)

With lots of love,


3 thoughts on “Wedding Dress Shopping

  1. Krissy Vickery says:

    I LOVE this dress Missy, and I think it will be perfect for your wedding. And the brooch bouquet is a fantastic idea!


  2. Kaya says:

    Beautiful!!!! So exciting! Gratz! My BFF (I’m her MoH) just found The One last weekend! Such a great feeling! 🙂


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