Friend Friday: Outfit Formula

What’s your go-to outfit formula?

Winter: Jeans, sweater and boots or runners
Summer: Capris, tank or tee and sandals

My formula is basically the same in all seasons just weather appropriate. It’s about being easy to wear mostly.

How did you come about this formula?

It’s simple and easy. Further it usually matches the weather easily so that takes the guess work out of what to wear.

Do you have different formulas for different occasions in your life?

Yep. I do have a formal formula as well – knee length A-line, V-neck dress with heels. It’s the most flattering cut for my body and I love heels so any chance I can wear them I will. Sometimes I swap out heels for fancy sandals – again depends on the weather as well as the style of the dress.

Has it morphed over the years?

Not really. I should be saying – “oh yeah, of course” – but it’s not true. Slight style changes to clothes and cuts of jeans change my look but pictures of me as a teen show the same “formula”

Which other blogger’s outfit formula would you like to swipe?

No one specifically but I adore the bloggers who start with a dress or a skirt. Not my thing and I think that’s why.

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