Linkage Love

If you want to date her you have to be a bigger nerd than her – story of my life. I actually know every single thing mentioned in this College Humor video and my fiance did not. Sad. Matter of fact I own Firefly and Serenity on DVD and my fiance HAS.NEVER.WATCHED.THEM! He is just not interested. Sigh.

The 56 Geeks Project – click on the full poster for all of the Geeks. Which ones are you?

Dorothy Fremont Grant’s 1947 book for young Catholic women: So! You Want to Get Married! – First step: determine you are an adult from both a physical standpoint as well emotional and intellectual standpoints. Damn. I lost already. Well that’s it. I give up. No marriage for me! LMAO 😉

A barking cat until he gets busted by his owner and starts to meow!

Star Wars Meets Toy Story – very cute photos!!

Style Your Way Wardrobe tool – kinda like paperdolls except you get to buy it and wear it.

Seriously the best wedding proposal video! Made me cry!

Have you read or seen the book Go the Fuck To Sleep? Yeah it’s in audio format now by none other than Samuel L Jackson. Perfect! And hilarious! I don’t even have kids but I do have nephews and young cousins and I remember being a kid. Oh and it’s free right now so go nab it!

The dumbest “hat” I’ve ever seen – an iPad hat?! REALLY?!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows part 2 trailer…I seriously started to tear up during this. Just…yeah. And I saw it for the first time on the big screen as they previewed it before Green Lantern (which I loved!):

Pottermore – less than 24 hours to go…and owls just keep multiplying.

Some very cool lace and flower fascinators. Expensive but very cool looking.

Matt Smith AND Billie Piper in 2006’s Ruby in the Smoke: