Daily Outfit: Black & Pink & Yellow

All this was worn for errands. And admittedly I’m not sure I like the shoes. The material list states “manmade materials” but they feel like leather sandals. What that means is my feet get sweaty and slip out. It doesn’t help that these shoes are rather narrow and don’t fit exactly right to begin with (oh and one of my ankles is swollen rather badly). They are cute however!

Oh and is it insane here! It’s College World Series time. Thankfully I have the opportunity to avoid the entire area if I so choose and that is exactly what I am choosing! To give you an idea of what we deal with here every year check out Marlene’s blog – The Adventures of Super Mar.  This is the first year it’s being held at TD Ameritrade Park and I know it’s a beautiful ball park as well as a great location so all of that works in the favor of the fans. But no way, no how am I going down there right now. Not if you paid me. 🙂 I get claustrophobic.


Black butterfly sleeve tee: TJ Maxx (April 2011)
Pink Lace tank: Lane Bryant (March 2011)
Black plain capris: Walmart (2007 I think…)
Yellow ruffle flip flops: Payless (June 2011)
Red coral necklace: DIY special of mine (June 2011)
Teardrop Earrings: Evans UK (Feb 2011)


I did make this necklace. It’s actually two different chains worn together, one slightly longer than the other. That way I can wear each of them separately as well as together. Not that complicated of a necklace to make but I love the texture and color it has!



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  1. I did another post on my blog about the storm last night. I was working outside when it rolled in and have some cool pics of it on my blog. Thanks for the blog shout out! Good to virtually meet you!


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