Daily Outfit: Duck Face was Here!

I almost didn’t post this outfit. I almost didn’t post this photo. Then I said “eh, what the hell – why not?!” Somehow I did duckface. No I don’t know how or why. I *hate* duckface. It’s stupid. I look stupid doing it and yet here we are! But this photo was not only the best one I took but it showed my hilarious expression – a face I was making as I nearly fell over after this shot! Yep. Them rocks were slick! Normally I don’t have a problem posing next to the various brick walls around this joint but for some reason with some shoes in some conditions I nearly end up on my butt. Oh well. I *didn’t* fall and that’s the important part!

Anyhow I’ve got a busy weekend ahead of me – a baby shower, Father’s Day, a BBQ, Green Lantern (who cares if the reviews stink?!) and at some point I have to start moving towards the one direction I am not sure of – what wedding dress do I buy? I still can’t decide and I better make up my mind sometime soon. There is still time but maybe not depending on which dress I buy and how.

Black maxi with sleeves: Evans UK (April 2011)
White cardigan: TJ Maxx (June 2011)
Gray “fishnet” scarf: Simply Vera from Kohl’s (April 2011)
Criss-cross Black studded pumps: Avenue (Aug 2010)
Large gem beaded multi-strand necklace on cord: Evans UK (April 2011)
Large fishhook earrings with dangling crystals: Evans UK (April 2011)


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