Missouri River Flooding

This has been making the rounds locally (along with lots and lots of photos of basically the same thing):

Here’s the thing at the end of the video you can probably guess that the plane is landing – I can confirm it is landing. Our airport is that close to the Missouri River and yes the news is plastered with how the airport is doing with all the water.

Water is also seeping onto whole parking lots at the nearby Qwest Center & Ameritrade Ballpark, both are very close to each other directly next to the river – about as close as the airport is. The reason this matters is that the College World Series begins this weekend at Ameritrade Ballpark. Parking was already going to be insane and now whole parking lots are shut down.

And we received word today that they are going to shut down I-29 South a little ways south of us. This is going to get so much worse before it gets better.