Linkage Love

Wendy’s top 15 Tips about Online Dating. I agree with every single one she posted. I’m not sure about the suggestions of free vs paid sites. I had good luck on free ones – I even my fiancé on a free one (Plenty of Fish). Some men really were as cheap as me!

Full Figured Fashion Week begins tomorrow – hope anyone going has some fun and gets to share and receive some dirt for those of us not there.

Organizing film on the Hipstamatic iPhone App – not interesting for a lot of people but since I love this app it is interesting to me.

Having an “unplugged” wedding – such a cool concept. So much is lived behind a camera! Memories are definitely in the “more awesome” category!

Why You Should Watch Doctor Who – yep. This sums it up for me. And read the comments – they make it worthwhile!

Why I will Never Be a Professional Blogger – is me in a nutshell. I have no intention of turning this into anything other than a hobby. It’s just what I like doing in my spare time. Besides I really like being random, a defined niche would kill me. 😀 I have never made a dime on this blog – matter of fact I’m in the hole about $100 or so – more if you count my fancy digital camera and tripod. It’s a hobby. Period.

Don’t be Afraid to Look Ugly – I feel like saying “right on sister”! Seriously.

We were talking about Trends last week on Friend Friday and Sally posted something about why Trends are Your Friends. Great read.

5 Ways to Get Rid of Unnecessary Spending – I’m seriously trying to save some dough. I really gotta put a plan into action soon!

I fell in love with this crystal “headband” (it’s so much better than that though!) but no way in hell am I paying $130 for it. So I’m in the middle of making mine right now. I need to get some elastic and I’m all set. And it only cost me$13. Can’t be that with a hose. 🙂

How cool are these apartments in Tokyo? Bright, sure but wicked awesome!

Queen Latifah is launching a collection of clothing for all sizes on HSN coming this August. I will definitely be checking that out.

I have been going over Etsy like it’s going out of style and just finding the coolest things! Including these spats, these ankle corsets (basically lace spats), these lace gloves, this earring organizer, this lacey bolero, this beautiful blue necklace, and this gorgeous purple gem bracelet.  Don’t worry I will find more to share! 😉

Photo Composition – lesson 1 – how to take better photos. I really need to work on this with my outfit photos.

Yummy…a small child to snack on…:)