Friend Friday: Summer Trends

What are the top 5 Summer trends that you are looking forward to wearing this season? (Can be anything from makeup, shoes, accessories, clothing, etc..)

In no particular order:

1. Lace – for some reason I am obsessed with lace right now. I just want tons and tons of lace around me.

2. 70s inspired style – it’s still going strong especially with the whole maxi look. Yep. Love it.

3. Animal prints – I did just write about my favorite new shoes. 😀 I keep buying them in other things too.

4. Gladiators – I am *all* over this. No idea why either! I seriously thought they were ugly up until last year and somehow they grew on me.

5. Wedges – sturdier than heels and more comfortable than flat sandals. I’ve bought several pairs and will probably buy several more.

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12 thoughts on “Friend Friday: Summer Trends

  1. Completely forgot about lace!!! Need to get some for the summer me thinks 🙂 Love the 70s-inspired fashions – really want some flared jeans 🙂

    Wedges and gladiator sandals are great – and practical – for the summer!!

    Great post.


  2. Of course you know me & lace doll, I also like that you’re into the 70’s inspiration, I adore taking some of those elements of that era! Have a safe & happy weekend!


  3. I’m ALWAYS all about animal print. Glad you listed it here as one of your summer trends. Now I’m off to go check out the shoes you mentioned buying! – Katy


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