Linkage Love

The 7 Worst Lies Guy’s ever told us. Yep. I’ve gotten some of these lies (or similar ones) before.

Would you compliment your own outfit? Good thought to keep in mind sometimes with what I do wear, regardless if it makes its way to the blog or not.

50 Reasons You Are Beautiful – enough. Just click and read.

A very, very Art Nouveau styled Princess Leia print. Tempted to buy it myself!

Some of the best Geek jewelry around – I bought the Tardis necklace. Should be arriving any day now. Don’t worry I will show it off!

Kendi’s 30 For 30 is beginning again on June 13. I have thought long and hard about whether I want to join or not and have decided against it. Rock on to those that do it! The rules have changed and are much more relaxed but realistically I only wear about 3 or 4 outfits a week. That means even if I post every outfit I wear (which isn’t likely) it will take me all summer to post them all and I just don’t feel like it. Maybe if I had an office job that didn’t involve a uniform I would but I’m too lazy for all that. 🙂

Some very cool social networking icons – I even thought about replacing mine once I saw these but I happen to like the design of mine.

100 Layer Cake’s DIY tips in Brides magazine. I haven’t checked it out yet – but need to!

AMC’s TV shows. Arguably some of the best TV shows on right now are on AMC. Ok. I admit it – I’m a huge Mad Men geek. Oh, you knew that? Um. Crap. Okay. I’m partial, what can I say!!!???

The As-You-Go Vacation Keepsake – I dunno. I like it but it’s just not me. I do keep all my papers and things together so when I am home to scrapbook my trip it’s all together. Kinda the same thing. Sorta.

Elle On Fashion Blogging. I have some things to say about this, but maybe in a couple of days. For now just read it and digest it.

hThe 13 Coolest Pairs Of Kobi Levi Shoes – and these are weird. Beyond weird. Really really weird!!

Some more t-shirt bracelets! Yay! I seriously just need to get out an old t-shirt tomorrow and have at it. I’ve posted several different ones I have seen and I’ve just got to do it already!

Very interesting gaming stats as well. To quote (The Mary Sue):

As of 2010, 42 percent of the gaming audience is female, up from 40 percent the previous year. And interestingly enough, turning the whole “video games are for teenage boys” stereotype on its head, women 18 and older make up more of the gaming audience than boys 17 and younger.

Like some of the commentators stated – I wish that marketing and design would catch up to these stats. I hate feeling like I’m left out and I’m not good enough when clearly I am!

In 1947 a woman made a beautiful wedding dress from a parachute. That parachute had saved the life of her husband to be. Beautiful story and beautiful dress!!

A local blogger managed to check out Taste of Omaha this last weekend. We talked about going but didn’t. Bums. Now I know what I missed out on and I’m not happy! Now that I know Big Mama’s Kitchen has fried green tomatoes I know where I’m going for dinner next. I *love and adore* fried green tomatoes.

Ruby Rocks Dresses from Evans UK. Yup. I love these. And they have a pair of shoes I must order for my wedding so I guess I will see what else I can buy from there at the same time – since it costs me over $20 between bank fees and shipping to get an order from them.

Honey Badger is the Chuck Norris of the animal kingdom: