Daily Outfit: Feeble Attempt at Color-Blocking

Yup, my very feeble attempt at color blocking. My problem is not that I won’t do it but that I can’t – the majority of my clothes are closely related in color. I buy a lot of teal for instance. Or green. And they all seem to work together somehow. And this is what I mean when I say I buy very bright colors. Nothing pastel in my closet!

I’ve actually worn this basic outfit several times except with a black cardigan. Time to spice it up! Maybe next time without the cardigan as this dress totally rocks. For example check out the bust line there. Not bad eh? And it does have cap sleeves so going without the cardigan isn’t a big deal. For a simple solid colored dress this is definitely not bad at all!


Bright blue plain v-neck jersey dress: Just My Size (April 2011)
Green cardigan: Lane Bryant (Aug 2010)
Orange & Bronze stone sandals: Torrid (April 2008)
Long & Knotted Multichain necklace: Payless (Nov 2010)
Solid Turquoise drop earrings: Tourist store in Georgetown, Colorado (June 2009)