Linkage Love

So it was released in the news media the other day that the CDC has established an emergency plan incase of zombies. To me this is a government sanction. We must get ready for the zombie apocalypse. Yes. I love zombies! 😀

Gwyneth Paltrow on rap on Graham Norton. For some reason this is odd to me. Why I dunno. 🙂

Breaking the fashion/style rules. I’m not one to wear knee high socks like ever but on some people it looks quirky and cool. It’s different and that’s the best part of breaking so called rules.

An incredibly complicated chart detailing every Doctor Who adventure and with whom on which episodes.

Superman meets Doctor Who in a comic.

Geek Periodic Table of Storytelling…and the sad thing is this is 100% correct. Hilarious!

The 10 Things We Can Learn from “Bridesmaids”. Too funny! I *loved* this movie absolutely loved it. I would willingly pay to see it again and again. Even the fiancé loved it! And he hates chick flicks.

The amazing viral photo of the shuttle take off from an airplane window. Very very cool!

A beautiful DIY necklace…I am going to have to make this one very soon!!

This is why pretty pictures should not be competition for beauty in normal human society. So easy to think this is what you have to strive for.

Apparently normal couples argue 2,455 times a year or 7 times a day? Woah! That seems like an awful lot. I wonder what they define as bickering?

These parents are keeping the gender of their baby a secret. There is so much more to gender identity than what is between someone’s legs and I honestly think by hiding the gender of the child they are emphasizing it even more. But to each their own.

I feel old looking at these. Especially the “home page/splash page” for AOL. Those were the days (and yes I was online then!). But all the 30+ year olds mentioned didn’t have that same affect as I have always known they are the same age (or slightly older) than me. Time marching forward in that way is not weird for me.

The truth behind some of the “facts” in the newest Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

And last but not least a police officer takes matters into his own hands: