Friend Friday: Blog Pet Peeves

List the 5 things that drive you crazy about blogs you visit:

I’m not here to tear down anyone’s style, I must say that first and foremost, but there are things that annoy *me* A LOT!!

1. Autoplaying music. And I really hate when I can’t find the way to shut it off!

I love that you love this music – we are all individuals. But give me that option to listen to it or not. I was doing other things before stumbling onto your blog, probably even listening to Pandora or the TV don’t make me have to auto-close you when I would much rather stay and check out the digs.

2. Unreadable CAPTCHA

Yeah I know it keeps out the spammers…I hate them too…but I have a freaking difficult time reading what they want me to put in. Now if it’s a simple math problem or very clear words – rock on! I’m all over that but the ones I can barely do usually force me to give up and leave after a time or two of trying. I really do want to comment!! I can’t tell you how many times I just give up and never comment (and/or never come back) because of the stupid CAPTCHA I can not see!

3. Difficult Design

The best part of blogs is designing them so that they reflect us. I love how many great choices there are. But if your design is clunky, forces me to shift around to read your post or look at your photos or in general makes it difficult to read (too few words on a line, white text on a light background, every other word is a different size or gets it’s own paragraph, etc) I won’t continue to read. Matter of fact I will unfollow you if you make it too hard to see what you have to say! I am reading because I love what you are writing or posting not fancy graphics or design. I have stopped following some blogs solely for this reason. Matter of fact I dropped one yesterday because of this very reason. Love her and her style, just not how she does blog posts.

4. One or two posts per page so I have to keep hitting older or back to find more posts.

I really hate finding a new blog just to have to hit back/older after each post. I hate having to wait between page loads (my computer is wicked fast but nothing is instantaneous). And if I have to do a lot of clicking I won’t keep visiting. Especially when trying to find something I know you posted just a few days ago and I’m trying to link!

5. A grasp of the English language. 

If your primary language is French then French or German if German, etc. My point is that you must know what constitutes a complete sentence and you lay off all the “buzz” words, slang, incomplete grammar, etc. It needs to be understandable!

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6 thoughts on “Friend Friday: Blog Pet Peeves

  1. Oh yeah. Agree 100% on all of those. Especially the music. Probably the #1 reason I’m glad for MySpace’s demise is the auto-music everyone had.


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