Daily Outfit: Lace and Snake Skin

It’s just been one of those weeks I tell ya. Exhausting for sure. But I’ve gotten a bunch done on my to-do list so I’m happy about that!

Including, but not limited to:

  • Finished turning an old maxi dress into a very long maxi skirt (which I intend to wear this weekend)
  • Opened a checking account (I hate doing this!)
  • Bought lots of books to read! (I love doing this!)
  • CLEANED my email box out!
  • Cleared up a bunch of space on my DVR
  • Read all my magazines
  • Picked a ceremony location for the wedding, I think…with the date…I think…
  • And somehow used up all my printer ink and paper on a stack of papers I just threw out (potential ceremony locations as I was getting really confused just looking at them online).

Thankfully tomorrow is Friday!


Black Lace Topped tank: Avenue (June 2009)
Short-sleeved Green button down: Avenue (July 2010)
Black plain capris: Walmart (2007 I think…)
Christian Siriano Snakeskin wedge sandals: Payless (Feb 2011)
Wood Bangle – Bold – Stone Age (dark brown): Mango Tree Bangles (March 2011)
Wood Bangle – Bold – Alaskan Eve (very dark green): Mango Tree Bangles (March 2011)
Tarnished Disk & Crystal dangle earrings: Walmart (Aug 2007)


This is the debut of these shoes – the first time I ever wore them outside even! See I’m a hair shy of 6’2″ but with these shoes I am 6’7″!! Yep, I got stares. And believe it or not they are comfortable, easy to walk in and they don’t hurt too much after standing in them for 2 hours (which is usually when *all* my shoes start to hurt). But since I wear a 12 that might have something to do with it. When you wear a 6 or 7 and a shoe this high your feet are nearly vertical! That can not feel pleasant.


Oh and I wanted to share my nail polish! First it’s two coats of “A Oui Bit of Red” by OPI then a layer of “Black Shatter” by OPI. Loving it! Edges are a bit rough but eh, I don’t really care. 😀



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