I’m Engaged! And why I got the ring I did…

I got Engaged!

It actually happened about a week and a half ago but I wanted to get my ring before announcing it on here if only because it gave me something to say besides 1 sentence.

Now on to the ring!

Engagement Ring

It’s a 2.75 carat rough diamond set in an 18k gold bezel on a lightly hammered 10 gauge (approx. 2.3mm wide) palladium silver band from Janish Jewels on Etsy. Absolutely beautiful!! I adore it! I wanted an engagement ring not for what it stands for (I could care less about the implied history or implied commitment of it because I would marry him without it) but because I love jewelry! I love *love* love jewelry. And this is probably one of the best excuses in the book to get something!

My favorite stone isn’t a diamond (rough uncut or not) its an Opal. Yes I know how ironic it is that I am the woman who dresses in so many neutrals yet loves such a colorful and shimmery stone. Just beautiful! And I had suggested an opal engagement ring since we started talking about this possibility (we’ve been talking about marriage for awhile so it wasn’t a surprise when it did happen) but I really liked this style of ring. Something about a rough uncut diamond is very pretty to me. And it’s different. I really like that. And I really love this ring!

Now why not something shiny and sparkly? I am anti-DeBeers. I love diamonds, they are cool looking and they happen to be my birthstone but I despise DeBeers and their tactics. So I am not anti-diamond, just anti-DeBeers and anti-diamond industry.


In short they are bullies who have committed (and been convicted) of price fixing, antitrust issues and international fraud and theft on both the legal and moral levels. They are the single entity attempting (or have already succeeded at) controlling everything that is the diamond industry by any means they can. Sure other countries have started releasing diamonds and this has made a bit of a dent on curtailing some of DeBeers tactics but it has just started. Until things vastly improve I refuse to have anything to do with the the “standard” diamond industry to keep away from DeBeers and their related brethren.

Sure I could of gotten a sparkly pretty diamond ring that had no DeBeers involvement but it’s not just them – it’s the diamond industry as well. Price is one of the biggest myths about diamonds. Since an agreement struck in 1889 by DeBeers prices have been controlled to absurd levels. They are able to maintain this because they also control how many diamonds are released to the public even though diamonds are actually about as rare as dirt. DeBeers is also the ones behind the ad campaigns stating that a man should spend 2 months salary on an engagement ring and that diamonds are forever both of which have become so ingrained in society that people forget that it is advertising! I am sorry. I am not agreeing with some ad campaign just so they can make more money. And it’s not like anyone else in the diamond industry is going to disagree with this advertising – and cost themselves money…HA!

And yes I have seen Blood Diamond and yes even though all of the official statements state that the buying of conflict diamonds has either been reduced or eliminated (depending where you get your information) there has been no real proof of that.

Everyone has a couple of things that they care deeply about and will hold so fast there is no way to move them (animal abuse & child abuse for example). This is mine. It is my truth.

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