Friend Friday: Outside Influences

What magazines do you subscribe to?

InStyle and Glamour for straight up fashion mags. But also Martha Stewart Living, Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food, Real Simple, Dwell and Better Homes and Gardens. I also get Lonny, Trad Home, Covet Garden and a few others online.


I like magazines and I buy them when the subscriptions are cheap.

Do you watch any fashion TV shows?

Besides What Not to Wear um not really. I even get The Style Network on my cable line-up and it still doesn’t interest me. I really really like Stacy and Clinton though. 😀

Beyond blogs, what websites do you frequent for fashion inspiration?

Glamour mostly. I also frequent The Frisky and Fashionably Geek off the top of my head. I also love Lookbooks wherever I can find them at any website.

Advertisements play a huge role in forming public opinion about a product or brand… what ads do you like and why?

I like ads that are funny or memorable somehow. Most aren’t but if they make me laugh I’m in.

Do you own any fashion books?

Yup. Lots of them! But most of them are style books and not fashion books. Looking at images of clothes and designs bores the hell out of me. But figuring out how something works, how to work it in, etc. All that holds deep interest for me. Like Nina Garcia’s The One Hundred which is nothing more than 100 items she thinks everyone should own. I can’t explain why I love that book so very much but I do!

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4 thoughts on “Friend Friday: Outside Influences

  1. Yes, I’ve heard Nina Garcia’s book was pretty good. Thanks for the links. The Frisky is good for news & buzz for me as well. Happy weekend! -xxoo


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