Everybody Everywear: Florals

I actually had several other pieces/ideas picked out for this challenge – until late last week when I discovered that the high today was going to be about 85. As of this morning the high is actually going to be 95. In May. In freaking Omaha! What the heck?! Normally it should be right around late 60s-70s. Sigh. At least it’s going to cool off later this week and drop back to the normal range (and even slightly cooler than that).

Florals | Everybody, Everywear

This is actually a romper. An elastic sleeveless topped romper. Not only do I despise the top with a fiery passion, I hate rompers with a fiery passion! And no fat girl should wear a romper alone, especially this one. Trust me it does not look pretty!

But I bought it for three reasons:

  1. It’s easy to throw over a swimsuit in a hotel or at the lake. I’ve worn it that way several times now.
  2. The floral “shorts” are cute, comfortable and feel great on – I just have to wear a shirt over the top.
  3. It was $4 on clearance.

I actually should find a different white button down to pair with this if I ever wear it again – its just too long. I had to hitch up the bottom a bit, hence the belt securing and covering the rolled shirt bottom.


Short-sleeved White button down tunic: Lane Bryant (Jan 2011)
Black floral elastic romper: Target (August 2010)
Black Double Buckle Belt: Torrid (Jan 2011)
Pink floral flip flops: Payless (April 2011)
Multi-chain dangle earrings: Target (Oct 2007)


And since this challenge *is* florals I decided to forgo finding another shoe and instead turned to my brand new flip flops. Who doesn’t need more floral in their life?


11 thoughts on “Everybody Everywear: Florals

  1. Love it! I’ve never been brave enough to wear rompers – I just don’t think I’d look great in them, but the most important thing – going to the bathroom!!! You look fab though & I love this outfit. Can’t wait to see our outfits tomorrow!


    • Missy says:

      First off, fixed the comment issue for you and now I’m the only one that knows what you did!

      But most importantly I agree about the bathroom issue. And yes that was a problem with this outfit. But it’s no different than some of the other layered outfits I’ve worn so I just have to plan ahead that’s all!!

      Thank you!!


  2. However much you despise the top of the romper, this looks like the best $4 investment ever. What a cute print and I love the way you’ve doctored it.


    • Missy says:

      I completely agree it was indeed an awesome $4 investment. Probably one of my luckiest finds ever.


  3. Allison says:

    I love the half of the romper that I can see! I haven’t been brave enough to try a romper, but I’d love the flowy floral look here … now if only I could find shorts like that!


    • Missy says:

      Thank you. I don’t think I am brave enough to *just* wear the romper without my swimming suit involved. Yeah. It’s like strapless dresses – it just plain doesn’t look good on the majority of people.


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