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Do I comment or not comment? What do I say? What is too much and what is not enough? Am I just advertising myself? Yeah basically everything Serene at The Elegant Bohemian says sums up how I feel when I comment.

QR Code Generator – not overly useful but lots of fun to play with!

The Top 5 Sites for Crafters – I’m a fail crafter most of the time but I love looking at some of the great things people can do!

Blogging 101 Tips – great advice!

Blog Envy – I get it. A lot of people get it. I shouldn’t, but it happens.

And Sally knocks another one out of the park when she brought up trying too hard. Love reading her!

Dressing – more specifically buying – for the blog is never a good idea – and it’s something that I have had to remind myself not to do. So far I haven’t bought anything I don’t love, but I am pushing myself to dress in ways I haven’t expected. The only results you see are the ones I love as I’m not showing something I hate!

Different spring looks from Pinterest users. I still haven’t dug my way through!

Positively the best fashion recap of the Royal Wedding of William & Kate I have seen. And this is the only time I will mention it (I hope!) I loved Kate’s dress. But I loved that style before she showed up in it. I fell in love with it when Grace Kelly got married in a similar dress. I will not be surprised if I pick something like that should I get married again.

Rehash of how being popular in high school does not ensure success in adulthood. At the risk of sounding like I’m 13 – well duh!

An interesting read about corsets and belts and maybe belts are the new corset designed to show the hourglass figure. Hmm. I don’t know if it’s that simple. Gave me a lot to think about!

Weight loss being the elephant in the room. Very eloquent way of stating it. Also very true. I hate food police and once it’s “common knowledge” it almost gives people a chance to behave badly.

Sometimes I admit to things on here I maybe shouldn’t. That’s why Shell at Things I can’t Say and herPour Your Heart Out feature is so very interesting. I may or may not participate in the future.

Excellent discussion of what is a lady. Hadn’t thought it in some time.

I’m loving Katy’s 30 by 30 Bucket List but since I just turned 30 I’m doing something that someone else suggested and I’m going to make a list of things I want to do this year. I haven’t had a chance yet to sit down and write but that is the plan this weekend. 🙂

And remember Friday? How could you forget?! Now there is “Ravenclaw”! Harry Potter for the win!


5 thoughts on “Linkage Love

  1. Rose says:

    Yay, the 30 Things To Do At 30!! 😀 Good luck, and have FUN! I blogged periodically about this (and lots of other 30ish things) throughout my year, which helped me keep accountable. If you need ideas, or want to see how it morphed over the year (largely due to a couple big life changes) let me know – I’ll send you my (not-so-consistent-hobby) blog link! Will you share with us any of your 30 awesome things? I hope you enjoy building your list.


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