Daily Outfit: Chucks with a Skirt

I swapped around my spring/summer and fall/winter clothes a few weeks back which means I also went through and donated anything I wasn’t wearing, didn’t want and/or didn’t fit, etc. That is until I went to find my old beat up Chucks.


I couldn’t find them anywhere. Searched for a week. I’m assuming they ended up in the donate pile on accident. 😦 So that means I had to go get a new pair. Yeah! Buying shoes? Oh please like that’s a problem?! So off I went to purchase a pair. And then I was at a roadblock. I wanted to wear them with something other than jeans – I wear too many jeans. And I was completely stumped until I got a spark of an idea from Liz at 26 and Counting. I definitely could have brought in some florals instead of going for just pink but the weather was so lovely that I decided I’d rather pair the “jacket” with tanks and reduce the clothing bulk. And all my tanks are solid colored.

For the record I *hate* wearing socks. And I hate how most closed toe shoes feel on the inside without socks – not so with Chucks. I actually *like* how they feel bare. Well until they get grubby anyway…which happens when you constantly wear them without socks. Go figure. 😀

So what did I do in this get-up? I grabbed a quick bite of lunch at Trader Joe’s, took a walk and sat in the sun at a local park. Oh and took photos of the pretty blooming trees. It was absolutely beautiful out and I could not resist. I wanted to lay in the grass but all that rain this last week produced way too much mud and it wasn’t going to happen.

This is why I love working odd hours. If the weather is great I have an entire day to enjoy it in peace while every other unfortunate individual is working or at school or what-have-you.


Pink tank: Target (April 2011)
Pink Lace Tank: Lane Bryant (March 2011)
Green military jacket: Lane Bryant (Jan 2011)
Black wrap skirt: Lane Bryant (Aug 2010)
Converse Chucks: DSW (April 2011)
Bee charm earrings: DIY Special by Me (May 2010)


Yup, two different tanks. The bottom one is much more coral than pink and the top one is definitely a hot pink. I thought the two together brought nice contrast, especially with the lace. I would have been much happier with a solid black pleated/school-girl or A-line skirt instead of this wrap skirt but I own neither of those. I just wanted something knee-length (-ish) and casual.

While I didn’t go with florals I did decide to don my bee earrings as my only jewelry. Cute little nod to the florals that weren’t! If I had a chiffon or organza flower brooch or lapel pin I would have worn that but believe it or not I own no such thing. I’m not big on brooches.


Loved this outfit!



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