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Howl’s Moving Castle in 3D Papercraft. This is phenomenal!! Besides I love the movie and just seeing it gave me warm fuzzies.

Her Five Year Diary – a day by day posting of a woman’s 5 year diary 50 years to the day from when it was written. Very interesting! I keep a 5 year diary – currently on year 2 – so this is very interesting to me! But not only do I have my name in mine I also have a record of all my addresses, phone numbers, email address and Christmas gifts received as well.

Getting Creative with your clothing and not accepting it for how it comes – making it you. I love Brittney! Not only does she crack me up on a regular basis but she trots out gems like this!

A tall girl talking about being tall. I’m 2 inches taller than her. I understand everything she wrote completely.

Apps for Thrifters – I downloaded them both but haven’t used either yet. I’m still working out kinks.

Blog giveaways and the havoc they wreck.

This went viral a couple days ago and I just love it!

How I Met Your Style – beautiful photographers documenting style bloggers environments. They say what you surround yourself with reflects you.

10 Things About Your Blog That Drive Me Crazy – some of these I was doing (short reader feeds for example) and this article precipitated the changes. Very helpful for bloggers out there.

The Glamorous life of a Blogger – also a great read for bloggers. I was not surprised by what was written.

10 Reasons To Love Fashion Blogs – enough said! And honestly I think every single one is a reason why I read fashion and style blogs.

How to take (Better) Outfit Photos – still learning!:

All about vintage jewelry – great stuff!

Changing Room Rageaholic – oh yes, I am one of these too! I hate trying things on and try to fake it as much as possible (trying on sweaters in the aisle over my clothes, holding it up to me, etc).

50 Ways to Cope with Stress – yup, new mantra!

Blogging Without Shame. This is so beautiful and really reminds us all that we not perfect and there isn’t any shame in that – it’s how we are made. Positively lovely!

A fantastic interview with Pearls Lace and Ruffles. What it’s like to be plus size – though she is on the cusp of straight to plus – aka normal! Her opinions of it are amazing.

Storing and caring for thrifted items as well as IDing and Cleaning thrifted jewelry. Elissa is good!

The teen who faked a pregnancy – how intriguing. I hope she learned a lot from the experience. Brave IMO.

Oh and it turns out that MSNBC has discovered that Geek Girls exist. I didn’t know we were a secret?!

Promo spot for Thor – not bad!:


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