Linkage Love

An *amazing* timelapse video:

The Girl Who Stole the Eiffel Tower – a fellow Omaha blogger and does she have style! She is an amazing blogger and I just love reading her posts.

A timelapse of a flight from San Francisco to Paris complete with Northern Lights. Just beautiful!

He took a Polaroid everyday until his death – and it’s been gone viral.

My favorite advice columinst: Dear Wendy and whether Facebook is ruining relationships.

Getting used to using Twitter.

School lunches from around the world. I’m sure some of the sourcing is slightly questionable but honestly I would have loved to have eaten in France, even now!

Sally from “Already Pretty” illustrates how to capsule pack for a trip. I’ve been doing this for years. I always plan everything out so I don’t have to bring much. Matter of fact I fit a week’s worth of clothes in a carry on when I went on a class trip to Washington DC in high school and the other girls could not believe it.

Faking it until it’s real. I’ve heard that said many times and it’s actually pretty good advice. One of the examples she uses is of dressing up so that can feel better about yourself. That is part of the reason I started blogging my outfits.

The Triangle Waist Company factory fire which revolutionized working environments and it can all be blamed on shirtwaists.

Getting into College not that difficult – at least in 1867. This is more of that education bubble – it will burst eventually.

Passing Harvard’s Entrance Exam complete with a link to the actual exam pdf.

T-Mobile’s “Royal Wedding” – cheesy but going viral as well: