Linkage Love

Fashion & Style Blogger Map – if you have a Style or Fashion Blog click and fill it out please! And nope, this isn’t me, I’m just passing on the word as I think it would be cool to find out who my neighbors are!

How to make a convertible dress. May have to try this!

The Modern Life – She dropped me a line on Pinterest. Great blog!

A beautiful portfolio of teen girls in their bedrooms by Rania Matar. I love how diverse everyone is!

Relatively Chic’s Better Blogging Series – some great info tucked in there!

The sad death of a 14 year old who was raped, convicted of adultery and whipped to death only to have her death certificate state it was a suicide. A SUICIDE?! My heart hurts for her, for her family.

Peter Theil and the Education Bubble – fascinating! And I agree…though that might get me lashed in common American society today.

A life size Barbie Doll with the correct proportions. Scary!! And a brilliant reminder of eating disorders.

Fantastic questions to ask before getting married.

George Takei’s Ohhh Myyy! – used as a ringtone, text message tone, etc. Great!

Fantastic Style Board on Pinterest.

Posted on Freshly Pressed the other day: We Joined Costco. I thought it was absolutely hysterical as the boyfriend and I renewed our Costco memberships this week.

Maps. Not just any maps. Maps of words used in dating profiles as broken down by district and gender. Interesting trends.

I wear pants to work, I seriously dress nothing like the outfits I take photos of – black slacks, flats and a work polo. No jewelry, no extra ornamentation. Boring. I’m thinking I need to spice it up. But still no dresses. I barely have the hang of wearing dresses on my days off! So for that I need Sally at Already Pretty of course – she has ideas that might work.