30 Things You Don’t Know About Me

Since today is my 30th birthday and I felt inspired by a couple different blog posts and a forum post I decided to celebrate by spilling the beans on a couple of things that I don’t talk or blog about, like ever. Matter of fact some of this people I work with or am friends with don’t even know:

  1. I wear every outfit I take photos of, just not always when the photos are taken. Sometimes I take pictures of an outfit before I wear it so I can tweak the final outfit that gets seen (special events and style challenges usually) and sometimes I am recreating an outfit I wore but never took a photo of (usually because I wore it at night). Regardless I wear every single outfit I take photos of as actual out and about outfits and not just for the photos.
  2. I eat really weird foods sometimes. Things like mayo & french fries, potato chips dipped in ketchup, maple syrup on my eggs & bacon, etc.
  3. I *hate* nuts. HATE. The only one I actually like at all are peanuts but only in honey roasted or creamy peanut butter form. Incidentally one of my absolute favorite foods on the planet is slices of apple dipped in creamy peanut butter. Yes I know how weird it is that I only have a thing for one nut and that it is pure unadulterated lust. I don’t care.
  4. I love “Sister Wives”. Yeah I admit it. I could never ever do it, but I actually see multiple spouses for some people as a valid option.
  5. I was raised Pagan with some Lutheran Christianity thrown in, I dabbled in Wicca and Buddhism but ultimately I am agnostic. I wish I could go to church and lean on it, but it doesn’t feel like me and my beliefs.
  6. I would love to be a vegan, it’s so much healthier and I feel bad about eating cute little animals, but oh boy, a steak just tastes so good!!
  7. I have no “real” friends. Lots of people I am acquaintances with, lots of Facebook friends. A few people I will hang out with from time to time and a few I will visit but no one that I can just call up and go to the movies with or have a “girl’s lunch”. I’m very happy as a loner. Now if someone wants to apply for the job of my best friend I am always accepting applications…
  8. I would love to be friends with someone who doesn’t disappoint me on a regular basis. Sure it will, and does, happen from time to time, but every time gets old.
  9. I look my ex-husband up on Facebook – he has an open wall – just to see if he managed to kill himself and I’m surprised he hasn’t yet!
  10. But even given all that happened I don’t hate my ex-husband. I should. He fucked me over hardcore. I don’t like him but I don’t hate him. I don’t know if I ever mentioned here what he did to me. Maybe I will one day.
  11. I’m not vain but if I see my reflection, mirror, store window, whatever – I will give myself a once over
  12. I had to quit college after one year because I was too broke to go back. I couldn’t get a Pell Grant (long story) so my financial aid all fell through. I got a job instead. A job at a company I still work for (though a different position now).
  13. I wish I would kick myself in the pants to go back to college but I hated going to class and never much liked school. I love learning, and still do that regularly, but I hate grades and papers, etc.
  14. I also have zero idea what I want to do for a career. I like my job now, and the only thing I would get a degree in (history) doesn’t really have a career “attached” unless it’s teaching. And I do *not* want to teach, I do not have the skill set for it.
  15. I think that 75% of babies and 96% of newborns are ugly. Seeing a baby does not make me “squee!”
  16. I have an irrational, uncontrollable fear of snakes, spiders and heights. I hyperventilate if I get near any of them – but I love looking out a plane window. Go figure.
  17. If (When?) I get married again I do not want to plan a wedding. I hate planning a wedding. Big party & lots of fun, sure, but I don’t want to plan anything. Can’t I just show up to something simple? The only thing I know *for sure* is that I want a Princess Lasertron bouquet. Everything else is up to my boyfriend on preference.
  18. There were 32 people in my graduating high school class (including me)…I am Facebook friends with 16 of them. A few more I am Facebook friends with were in classes above and below mine or were teachers.
  19. My boyfriend and I have every little in common in regards to TV, movies or music. We probably have about a 10% overlap of all those categories combined where we can agree on something.
  20. I question my life all the time – I wonder if I am good enough or know what I am doing. I’m scared that I’m just making it all up all the time.
  21. I question what I am passionate about. Do I actually love what I love or do I just think I love it?
  22. I am one of those “early is on time; on time is late” people.
  23. I am Hyper-Organized. It drives the boyfriend insane though he is grateful for it since I always know where his stuff is (and he doesn’t!). We just lost our mailbox (and laundry room) keys and I have no earthly idea how that happened. I have *NEVER* lost my keys. Not once. And somehow they came up missing. I am pretty sure it had nothing to do with the boyfriend but I don’t know how they got lost. Probably a series of unfortunate events. Or the house gnome. Ya’ know whatever.
  24. The Container Store is like porn to me. I drove the boyfriend nuts when I wanted to stop at one 2 years ago in Denver. I nearly had (ahem, DID have) a meltdown at the prospect of not going. He finally relented!
  25. I didn’t get my driver’s license until I was 19. I lived in the boonies and had little interest in driving anywhere. Matter of fact on some level driving a giant car scared the crap out of me. Traffic accidents can cause real damage!
  26. The boyfriend and I play “Slug Bug” on every single car ride. We even have rules:
    • Old style bugs are 2 points
    • New style bugs are 1 point except if they are a convertible then they count for 2 points
    • Must say “Slug Bug Blue” or whatever color it is and LIGHTLY tap them on the leg or arm (no bruises, etc, just enough to get the point across).
    • Established Slug Bugs do not count (i.e. if someone lives or works somewhere) nor do car dealerships EXCEPT if we are on a trip then dealerships are still out but established bugs count after 2 or 3 times seeing it (basically once we know its an established bug).
    • A complete game is from the time the car starts to the time the car is shut off, destination or not. So lots of legs on a trip sometimes.
    • You can not call out a bug in a parking lot – if you do it becomes void. Which means I usually do it so he can’t get the drop on me.
    • Since we do it on every single car ride anywhere our families have even gotten in on it and join in the game. Nothing happens except you get to say you won and it makes us pay attention to the road.
  27. Nothing makes me angrier than someone who doesn’t wear a seatbelt in a car. I have lost several people I know and/or care about in car accidents all because those idiots would drive too fast with no seatbelt on. I am still made at people that passed away over a decade ago or more.
  28. My mother calls me up a la “City Slicker” style and recounts what was going on the day of my birth every birthday I have. It’s not the same speech like in the movie nor the same time but the general gist is the same. I actually look forward to it even though I know the details. She was in labor for several days and I was born during the lunch hour so she didn’t get to eat that day until much later and won’t let me forget it.
  29. I hate having my birthday on Easter. It has happened to me twice or maybe 3 times? I’m not sure but regardless it doesn’t matter since I have a April birthday it is always near Easter. I don’t like Jelly Beans or Peeps. And I’m not big on the color scheme or theme, secular or religious.
  30. I have a secret wish that only 1 person knows and I can not tell anyone else yet…but if or when something happens to make it a reality this blog will be one of the first places I detail it!!