Daily Outfit: Kimono Top

I adore this top! I had better since I waited in the register line for 25 minutes to purchase it! And on that note all I have to say is I wish more prom dresses were available in the store and not just online since no one seems to want to read measurements online and order the correct size…

Anywho…this is so light and breezy and yet makes me feel dressed up. Love it! But I think I am going to take the flowery top back and get a smaller size as it looks too big for me. Yeah for losing weight!!


Floral Kimono top: Torrid (April 2011)
Pink tank: Target (April 2011)
Bootleg Twill pants: Lane Bryant (March 2011)
Gray pleated silk beaded flats: Lane Bryant (Jan 2011)
Gray chiffon flower earrings: Evans UK (Feb 2011)
Apache Tear necklace: my Grandfather’s DIY gift (1995)



I adore this necklace. When my maternal grandparents retired in the late 70s they first moved to Arizona where they proceeded to do a lot of rock and mineral hunting. My grandfather then turned a number of those minerals and gems into jewelry in the 1980s. I have several pieces, most more elaborate than this, but this one is probably one of my favorites because it’s just so freaking simple – a very large Apache Tear glued to a fastener and strung on a chain. I inherited it with a bunch of other stuff from my grandmother in 1995.

I recently cleaned out my jewelry box and came across it. Usually stuff I can’t bear to part with but don’t want to wear goes into there to die as I’m a visual dresser – gotta see it to decide if I am going to wear it. So I’ve pulled it out and hung it with the rest of my jewelry as I’d like to wear it more. What a statement!