Daily Outfit: Obi Belt & Color

I know I know. I’ve been wearing these jeans a lot. Well a couple of points about that – when I went to buy 2 pairs somehow I screwed up and actually bought 4 pairs. Four freaking pairs of identical jeans. Yeah. And I don’t look it but I’ve lost about 30 pounds since the beginning of January. I’ve actually dropped a couple of sizes in everything, which is why I’ve been doing so much shopping. Which means besides these 4 identical pairs of jeans I only have 2 other pairs of jeans that fit but they don’t look anywhere near as good as these do. So I’m going to keep wearing them until *they* get too big.

And yes I got my latest order from Evans UK – faster than some US based companies even (ordered on March 27, shipped March 30 and delivered April 4)! This is the second order from them with the exact same time frame for delivery. Gotta love that! Even though the shipping is outrageous, as well as the transaction fee my bank imposes, I am in love with the clothes, the jewelry, and I am still going to buy from them. Love it!


Green hanky hem gathered tee: Evans UK (April 2011)
Skinny/Slim leg dark wash jeans: Lane Bryant (March 2011)
Handmade African Leather Sandals: Gift (April 2008)
Purple striped ties obi belt: DIY by Yours Truly (April 2011)
Grouped Multichain necklace: Lane Bryant (Aug 2010)
Crystal bracelets: Torrid (April 2011)
Large fishhook earrings with dangling crystals: Evans UK (April 2011)


I got the idea for this DIY belt from Angie at Fashion Me Blog via Gracey from Fashion For Giants which I will be posting details on shortly. Pretty cool huh?


Check out the gathers on the shoulders! Man. Seriously. Between the hem and the shoulders I don’t know what I love about this shirt more! And those pleats will make this a great “tucked in” shirt as well. While some stuff I own can’t really be worn more than 1 or 2 ways I do try to buy things that can be worn more than 3 ways. This one, I hope, qualifies. We shall see.


One of these bracelets is actually from my last order from Evans UK (in February). But I was in Torrid this last weekend and there on the rack were several stretchy crystal bracelets that matched exactly. Of course…mine! No guess which one is the Evans UK one? Yeah I don’t know either.


These are also brand new. I love the large fish hook hangers. Makes for some dramatic earrings.