Linkage Love

New cute spring things combined with enough weight loss to make a difference means I’ve been doing a lot of shopping lately. But Erin (in a guest post at Already Pretty) has some great dressing room advice. Erin BTW has a blog: The Fierce Beagle and she is WICKEDLY funny. Click here if you don’t believe me!

Both Elissa’s (Dress with Courage) and Rebecca’s (MinnChic) Friend Friday answers on Feminism (March 25th questions) were thought provoking.

Why Women leave the Engineering Field – very very interesting. I was always interested in so called “men’s” subjects (math, science, etc) and the idea that I couldn’t get far due to sexism appalls me.

Change and how changing what you wear can change who you are. Honestly it’s part of why I decided to start posting outfit photos. I needed a change too.

Great advice from Kendi about remixing your outfits and how to do it.

In Search of Style – some seriously amazing photography. Seriously.

World’s oldest joke traced back to 1900 BC – old news but still funny. Or at least tries to be funny.

The Pajama Project – this is something I can get behind considering this is *all* I wear at home. I didn’t participate this week but I intend to in the future.

Click this link and make some amazing music of your own. Lots of fun to play with!

The F Word – I’m like Offbeat Megan and many other commenters on the post – I hate the word “fiancé”. Always have. I dunno why, just seems like a strange and bizarre word. Odd though I never have had an issue with “husband”. And even now at just about 30 I don’t have a problem with “boyfriend”.

I am seriously in love with these 2 chicks:

They create great videos (with fabulous music) and they love to remix & rework thrift store finds. Gotta love that! Be sure to “like” them on Facebook as well as check out all their other videos.