Linkage Love

I’ve been doing a little housekeeping around here so you may see things change slightly. Did you know WordPress allows for threaded comments? Oh you did? Guess it was just me discovering it last night then…after blogging here for 3 YEARS. I did switch a few recent comments to their correct reply spot but frankly I’m not going back and redoing all of them so it’s definitely a “from here on out” kinda thing. Other than that I am just messing with settings and the like. Nothing to be too concerned with.

Geek Culture and being a girl in it. I don’t agree with most of what was written but it’s interesting. Mostly I don’t agree because I will be the Geek I want to be, everyone else be damned.

The Downside of Internet Anonymity for Women. Big issue. Big. I didn’t like telling people I was a chick when I played Warcraft. Yes, I played with a lot of cool men, but I also played with a lot of grown “children” who freaked that GIRL was playing an MMO. Get over it already, girls like Warcraft, girls like video games and there are a lot of girls on the internet and online doing all sorts of things.

Love these Rules of Flattery. Lots of great don’ts to break!

Photography: Aperture – very informative.

Possibly the best tips to be the best damn blogger you can be on the planet, fashion/style blog or not.

Would like to know what your blog looks like in different resolutions? Here ya go.

Shopping Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them – great information!

Jonathan Franzen’s 10 Rules of Writing – was Freshly Pressed last week – love it! Great rules!

I bought a very “Springy” scarf (Bermuda Sand) and I knew Katy from Modly Chic had posted a video recently on how to tie a scarf in about a 100 different ways (ok maybe not, but lots of ways for sure!). Great information that I *am* using.

Cleaning Vintage Clothing – awesome advice!

I have a rather interesting “argument” with my boyfriend. He swears I have brown hair. He doesn’t argue about my green eyes (green is his favorite color and so it’s easy for him to agree on that color) but no, I have brown hair. Sally from Already Pretty brought this up when she wrote: My Eyes are Brown. I don’t have brown hair, dark blonde, yes, but not brown. There are no brown tones to my hair. And I’ve never once had a woman tell me I have brown hair, only men. Which shows that they have no idea what they are talking about. And as for my green eyes…when I was kid I used to tell people that my eyes were the same color as smashed frogs! No really I did! My mother will vouch for me! They do get a bit brown around the edges depending on unknown (to me) factors, but remain green throughout with no gold in them. Definitely green – the rarest eye color so I have heard.