Daily Outfit: Great Driving Weather!

Last week it started getting warm enough to go without a coat and wear sandals (and then turned cold again this week). Which explains why just before I took this photo last week I got a speeding ticket. A big one. Ouch. Truly I should not have been speeding but it’s only my 3rd speeding ticket ever so it’s not that bad in the overall scheme of life.


Skeleton keys were very popular last year, still are actually. So I dug out a collection that matters to me very much. This key (and about a dozen more) belonged to my grandmother. I have no idea where or how she got them, just that I got them once she passed away. I have since crafted a few different necklaces using the keys, this is the one that I like the best, possibly because the key is in great shape. The Star of David necklace is my little Roman Glass piece from my boyfriend’s parents for Christmas. Great gift!


I adore these sandals. My mother gave them to me for my birthday 3 years ago and I’ve worn them -almost – non-stop every summer since. She bought them from a co-worker of her’s who was from Kenya (I think?). His village would make items and he would bring them back to the USA to sell. As I recall he was raising money to support his village and bring his family over. So not only was it a good cause these are handmade leather sandals. I’m going to be very very sad once they die on me. And boy do my toes need to be prettied up!


Pink/purple military t-shirt: Just My Size (March 2011)
White t-shirt vest: Avenue (July 2010)
Straight leg Jeans: Lane Bryant Right Fit (Dec 2010)
Skeleton key necklace: a DIY Special I made (May 2010)
Star of David Roman Glass necklace: (Dec 2010/Jan 2011)
Handmade leather sandals: Gift (April 2008)
Bulova Watch: gift/earned (Jan 2011)