Linkage Love

With summer coming I am all about easy and uncluttered cooking. I love crock pots as they don’t heat up the place but your not stuck with cold dinners every night.

I’m a Penelope. Are you? A photo was posted there of what a budding Penelope will do after Trick or Treating. This was me. I still do that actually when I get a big of multi-colored candies I dump them all out and sort them by color and eat them in order (highest number of that color to lowest). I am unashamedly the most over organized person you will ever meet. It does not mean I label things, but it does mean that if I have a pile of papers I know what each paper is in order and why it’s in that spot on the stack. I make lists of things that don’t need lists. I am a Penelope.

I’m liking this bag from Anthropologie. I doubt I will buy it as I’m not super super in love with it. But it is cute! They’ve got some great necklaces right now too. And they sent me a 15% off coupon for my birthday next month…so of course I am going shopping.

CHICC Manchester – Centre for Heritage Imaging and Collection Care – just some magnificent digitized historical documents!

A great idea about one in, one out. In theory I love it, in practice I can’t do it as I don’t own that much clothing. My boyfriend would argue that I own too much but I really truly don’t. I have 2 feet of hung, close but not packed, clothing and half of that are polos I wear for work. I just plain need more clothes. I hope that soon I can truly adhere to the one in, one out rule.

Building an Accessory Wardrobe – yep. I need to do this as well. I only own 4 belts. Time to step it up.

I Like Pretty Clothes – amazing clothing and style! Love her!

Is vintage Pretty or Ugly and what’s the difference? – this gave me a lot to think about and I haven’t decided yet what I think. Why the hate? I understand making it special and making it modern (reinventing your clothes to always be fresh, etc) but honestly a lot of vintage is very lovely on it’s own!

Rule Breaking Monday by I’m Clothed Much. Fabulous weekly sign-up as I don’t believe in a lot of fashion rules. And those that I hold for myself need to be bent from time to time so I can explore my style.

Oh and just so you all are aware I don’t always post new blogs I find in a Linkage Love post but I will usually add them to my link page so make sure you check that from time to time!

And last but least I’ve been rocking out to Freelance Whales. All of their stuff but specifically “Generator First Floor” lately…ok yeah, they are the ones featured in the newest Starbuck’s commercial but that’s how I found about them. Check it out:

Oh and you can download the song from iTunes for free 🙂