I haven’t posted anything here about the tsunami or the earthquake that happened in Japan on March 11. Not because I don’t care, besides being a huge Japanophile, my heart hurts for the people of Japan. I haven’t posted for exactly that reason. The Washington Post reported this morning that the death toll is now almost 8,500 with nearly 13,000 still missing. I’ve watched video after video of the tsunami moving in. Checked out every satellite image and photo I could (especially this one – I too hope he didn’t suffer long) . They are positively frightening. I can’t even begin to imagine what it would have been like standing there watching it move in, or what it’s like there now. Losing family, friends, your life. In some videos you hear screaming but for most of them (especially this one) all you hear is water, everyone is silent. Shakes my core.

I didn’t join in with other bloggers for a day of silence on March 18. While I love the sentiment behind this and I am glad that so many choose to participate, I am not a big fan on “moments of silence”. They always feel really forced to me even though whatever it is that that happened may have been screaming in my head 24/7 since it happened. Japan is no different. I have been thinking about it constantly since the tsunami & earthquake. I have donated. I have reflected in my own “moments of silence”. Remembering without the silence, reminding everyone of what happened, telling the stories, all help me remember the tragedies. Just how I am wired I guess. No different than those that need the moments of silence to remember as we all remember & revere differently.

No Japan you are in my heart. I only wish I could do more.