Flying the Geek Flag!

I was going to post about my opinion of giveaways but, eh, that can wait for another time. Actually I realized my Geek flag hasn’t flown around these parts for some time.

I intend to correct this now.

I am patiently waiting (and writing this) while Rift is installing. Please don’t let this game suck especially since I just spent $50 on it. I forgot to mention here that I quit World of Warcraft last month after realizing that the expansion was doing nothing for me. I tried. I tried very hard to like it and I just could not get into it. I honestly truly do not know why but it wasn’t clicking with me. So I’ve quit for now. Maybe one day I will go back, maybe not. Who knows. But it would be awesome to have another time sucker in my life. So I bought Rift to see what it’s like. I’ll be sure to let ya’all know.

I did try playing Star Trek Online and I was not impressed. It was clunky, the characters moved awkwardly and the story was slow. I got bored and only played it for a few hours. I don’t recommend it.

Beyond gaming I would really really like to know when the new season of Doctor Who will start (all I found was this and this which both point to April 23) . Sometime soon please? Pretty please?! Besides Stetsons are cooler than Fezes (oh wait maybe I should make a joke about a Doctor who isn’t Matt Smith).

And last but not least the iPad 2. I played a bit with it this weekend at the Apple Store and I’m buying one it’s just a matter of when. I already knew I was going to be buying one when I heard the specs but now I know for sure. I do not like how heavy the original iPad is – it hurts my wrists (And since I have carpal tunnel and they get inflamed easily that’s not going to work for me) and the weight is the primary reason I didn’t buy the original iPad. But the iPad 2 is lighter than my phone, thin, very fast and has a beautiful screen. Already I sit watching TV while surfing the net, reading blogs, etc on my my iPhone. I don’t like getting out my laptop for a number of reasons but mostly because it is not ideal to lounge with if you know what I mean. It gets hot, it’s too heavy and it’s cumbersome to use while lounging on the couch. But its none of these on my phone…and an iPad is just a very large iPhone after all. I would rather purchase “in store” than have it shipped though, so I guess I will be waiting (heck buying online is about 4 weeks out now anyway). No fear – I will be bragging -*cough cough* mentioning *cough* when it comes to live with me.