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Polka Dots | Everybody, Everywear

Look I’m outside! *Nods* Yeah I know…big step. And I’m using a new format just like I promised.

Since Everybody Everywear is doing a polka dot challenge I started with the top. That and me cruising through Bettie Page Clothing. I have this serious vintage thing going on sometimes. And even though polka dots are in season right now they scream vintage and 1950s to me. This top even more so. I really wanted to pair it with a circle skirt, of which I have only one and the pattern does *not* match the polka dots at all. I tried but it looked silly. So instead I decided to go the other way and dug out a pencil skirt. I still think the circle skirt would have been better but, eh, oh well.

Not liking the shoes either. I had never worn them – bought them in January just before the 30 for 30 Remix – and it turns out they suck. That’s being polite. Don’t buy them if your going to wear tights as it does NOT work at all. I damn near sprained an ankle as they would not stay on my feet and kept slipping off. I’ve worn them around my apartment some and thought they would be okay but I never wore them with tights. Now I know. Besides isn’t it some kind of fashion sin to wear peep toes with tights?! My only defense is that I was cold, I still don’t have any color on my white white legs and these shoes have the biggest vintage feel of any I own.


Polka Dot sleeveless top: Torrid (Dec 2010)
Black Cardigan: Torrid (March 2008)
Pencil skirt: Lane Bryant (spring 2009)
Tights: Avenue (Jan 2011)
Peep-toe sling-back pumps: Payless Shoes (Jan 2011)
Scarf: No idea. No tags. I think I bought it in 2006 at a thrift store.
Pearl and crystal bracelets: Evans UK (Feb 2011)
Chain earrings: Walmart (Oct 2007)
Bulova Watch: gift/earned (Jan 2011)
Wool Peacoat: Avenue (Oct 2010)



8 thoughts on “Everybody Everywear: Polka Dots

  1. So true. They do seem vintagey, don’t they? I think you styled them so well with that skirt and cardigan.
    (And I’ve never tried it, but I see people rocking the peeptoe with socks or tights all the time these days!)
    Thanks for joining EBEW today!
    The Auspicious Life


  2. Mary says:

    Nice outfit! I would NOT count tights with peep toes a fashion sin…or if it is, I would ignore it. hah! But that’s a bummer the tights cause your heels to slip, I wonder if there is a quick DIY you could execute to help make them a safer shoe. There’s nothing worse than wasted money. Really love your black and white, vintage take on all this polka dotted fun!


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