Space Shuttle Discovery Takes Off and I Couldn’t Be More Sad…

I’m completely sad about this last launch as it is the last space shuttle launch for Discovery. According to the NASA schedule Endeavour’s last launch is (targeted for) April 19 and Atlantis is (targeted for) June 28. And then no more shuttle program. So why am I sad?

April 12, 1981 is the very first launch date of the modern shuttle program with Columbia taking off at 7:00:03 a.m. EST. I was born that same day at 12:54 pm CST. I’ve known that all my life. I could win Jeopardy with that question.

I wanted to be an astronaut for years when I was little but by the time I hit middle school I wanted to be an astronomer. I am still deeply in love with space and the stars and that will never change.

So not only am I – and the shuttle program – turning 30 this year but I’m losing one part of my life that that I have loved for so long. Sure it will be amazing in the future and this was nothing more than a stepping stone to bigger and better things for humans in space. But it’s hard not to feel like a little piece of me is dying. Like I said turning 30 certainly doesn’t help things.

Life surely isn’t over, not in the least, but it reminds me constantly of time turning and live moving on. With this launch part of how I identify myself is gone for good, never to return. Let’s hope I can replace it with something so much better.

Until then I’ll be paying close attention to that shuttle circling around Earth and what comes next.