My Evans UK Purchases

So I may have broken the 30 For 30 Remix rules…*shrug*. My challenge. I just promise not wear the boots until the 30 For 30 is over. The point of the no shopping rule is to teach you to love what you already have and shop in your own closet so I will hold off using them until after the challenge is over. I make no promises where the accessories are concerned!

And while I may fail at the no shopping part this time, maybe in the future I won’t. I kinda doubt it since shopping is a hobby for me (the point of the remix challenge maybe?!), especially if I can get exactly what I want for as close to free as possible but maybe. Either way I got some great things I felt like sharing! And I felt like making a video of it just for the heck of it. I don’t do many videos and I usually only order 2 or so things online, never this much at once so I figured why not? Oh and my mom really wanted to see a video. 😀

Please be nice – I was doing it one handed with my iPhone.

And all the products featured that I bought just for me:

Evans UK Order

Some thoughts, from the video and in general:

  • I was able to fix the bracelet (a jump ring wasn’t closed enough and the attachments fell off) and the best part is that the bracelets fit me!
  • The shoes also fit! I purposely bought a clearance pair of shoes that I loved but wouldn’t mind passing along if I had to so I could test that fit. Now I can buy the more expensive shoes. All this because doing a return to the UK does not sound like fun. I hate mailing international packages.
  • I am buying some tops next time. I noticed last year they had a lot of handkerchief hems and I love those! Regardless of whether they are still in style or not.
  • And the video had a couple clues for a giveaway I am doing! Stay tuned for the details!!

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