30 For 30: #11 & #12 & #13

Oh my did I ever feel cute and sexy in this even if I looked like I was headed to a funeral!! We just went out to eat – date night after all. And look new belt!


Black high collared sweater: Walmart (Winter 2008)
Pencil skirt: Torrid (Aug 2009)
Tights: Avenue (Jan 2011)
Black studded pumps: Avenue (Aug 2010)
Black studded Belt: Lane Bryant (Jan 2011)
Bulova Watch: gift/earned

And this is the introduction of my 30th piece in the remix – the blue sweater. The whole color thing got me thinking. Even though I do own a lot of black, some color would certainly do my wardrobe some good. Never mind this pretty pretty shade of blue! And I am really really trying to mix it up with some skirts. I know I keep saying that but it’s true! I have never shown what my daily wear is really like but I literally wear pants 99% of the time (except when travelling – I wear a skirt or dress 100% of the time then). Matter of fact I bought several pairs of tights just for the challenge as I threw in the skirts and dresses on purpose. I wanted to push myself to wear them and be held accountable for it (I need that!)…and so far it’s working!


Blue sweater: Avenue (Jan 2011)
White button down: Lane Bryant (Jan 2011)
Pencil skirt: Torrid (Aug 2009)
Tights: Avenue (Jan 2011)
Brown boots: Avenue (Oct 2010)
Multichain necklace: Payless (Nov 2010)
Bulova Watch: gift/earned

I adore this shaggy bed jacket. I bought it several years ago just because it was retro and very cool looking. Usually I wear it at home to keep warm – it is very warm! But because the majority of my 30 For 30 Remix items are favorites I had to throw this in too. The only closure on it is a hook and eye at the neckline and that’s perfect on most days. Makes a fabulous sweater.


Pink t-shirt: Target (spring 2010)
Jeans: Lane Bryant Right Fit (Dec 2010)
Black Studded booties: Avenue (Oct 2011)
Black shaggy bed jacket: Torrid (April 2008)
Bangle bracelets: Avenue (Jan 2011)
Bulova Watch: gift/earned