30 For 30: #8

Remember how I said I didn’t have a blazer so I couldn’t participate in Everybody Everywear this month? Yeah…well…that’s not true anymore. I didn’t break the 30 For 30 Remix rule of no shopping – not technically anyway. Last month I bought a pair of boots that I loved but stupidly did not try on in the store. They didn’t fit. So I’ve been meaning to take them back for a few weeks and haven’t. The 30 day period was about up so back they went. As a result I had an influx of cash, and a coupon for 30% off my entire purchase at Lane Bryant. I hit the clearance rack. This blazer after all the discounts, coupons, etc cost only $14…and I already had the dough so… 😀 I bought it for a number of reasons, cost not being the only one. I needed one. This combined with pencil skirts and button downs I already have fill out a niche of professional attire I desperately needed. But I still have to change out the buttons. Not liking the plain black ones at all and I know I can do better.

So instead of the sundress which is definitely not going to be used, like I predicted, I put this baby in the mix instead. I am still holding at 29 pieces!

This outfit is very me which I do not like. Not that dressing like myself is a bad thing! I just wanted to reach outside my comfort zone a little during this challenge and this is too predictable, too comfortable, for me. I rolled the sleeves of the jacket up – they happen to be long enough on me (RARE!) I just liked the striped silk in the sleeve and wanted it to show. I think I should have belted this whole thing too (not just with the white tie on the shirt). And I love my heeled oxfords, especially with jeans. But again…so very safe for me. And safe for a lot of people – this is very predictable. I gotta shake things up!!


White button down: Lane Bryant (Jan 2011)
Boot-cut dark rinse Right Fit jeans: Lane Bryant (Dec 2010)
Black traditional blazer: Lane Bryant (Feb 2011)
Heeled oxfords: Avenue (Dec 2010)
Multichain necklace: Lane Bryant (Aug 2010)
Vintage crystal pin: Thrift store (summer 2010)
Bangle bracelets: Avenue (Jan 2011)
Black studded purse: Olivia+Joy (Jan 2011)
Bulova Watch: gift/earned

And as for Everybody Everywear…check out some of these ladies blogs! Just amazing reads!
Image 245


7 thoughts on “30 For 30: #8

  1. Missy says:

    Nope no pressure! I’ve been wanting one for awhile and just could not find one at a decent and cheap price (considering I would not/will not wear it more than once every 3 months at best). This just happened to fall into my lap at the right time! Not sure about the buttons yet…definitely a silver patterned something (in style or not)…I’m allergic to real gold so for the most part all my jewelry is silvertoned, platinum, etc. As a result I don’t like gold colored anything much…


  2. The wonderful thing about blogging and participating in these challenges is that you can make/bend the rules should you need too! I think you look great BUT I totally understand what you mean by wanting to step out of the box. I’ve been doing or trying to do the same. It’s tough isn’t it?


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