Olivia + Joy Deal

I admit it – I watch the Today Show (except for hour 4 with Hoda and Kathie Lee – they, um, yeah…). Like everyday. Have for years even when I worked nights (though considerably much less of it than I do now). That’s just who I am. I like it.

One of the segments they do every week (or so) is Jill’s Steals and Deals – basically a bunch of products offered by their companies for cheap to Today Show viewers. I’ve never bought anything until today. It was then that I saw an Olivia+Joy purse that I *LOVE*! And at $19.00 plus $9.99 shipping I couldn’t pass it up. So this is coming home to me:

Great huh? They have 2 other designs as part of this bargain shopping so please check those out as well – click here and use promo code TODAYOJ . This is good only for about 24 hours so until tomorrow morning (1-12) at the latest…if you want one snag it now!


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