Holidays & Resolutions

In the past I have done run downs of everything during the holidays: cookie trays complete with recipes, things that would make great gifts, great gifts that actually were given and the awesomeness that was received. Not this year. This year I decided I’m going to the thankful side of things. And the side that involves becoming a better person. And that is my New Year’s Resolution or Resolutions since I actually broke it down a bit.

First and foremost I decided to become a better debt/money person. I’ve got a pretty good handle on spending and the like, but I really need to increase my savings as it’s pitiful right now. That’s my one goal.

Secondly I joined Weight Watchers. I’ve been thinking about it for sometime. And it was just time to do it. My problems lie in several arenas where this is concerned – I can’t ingest aspartame as it gives me migraines, I can taste the chemical taste in fake sugars and I hate low fat items as they usually don’t taste good and life is too short to eat something that doesn’t taste good! In conjunction with all that, I don’t regulate portions very well – too long living alone. If I end up being a “January fail” before my 3 month pre-paid online subscription runs out I fail. But I gotta get portions under control at least. My problem is I love food too much so I gotta get that under control as well. If that is all that I learn from WW then that is fine with me and I will consider it money well spent.

Now last but not least a recap of Christmas and what I actually received in the presents department. A lot of cash or cash like items this year (read: gift cards) so I don’t have much to show for it yet. I did use up one card that my boyfriend got me…that stinker got me possibly the best gift card in the world which makes it also one of the most difficult – a gift card to Nebraska Furniture Mart. For those that aren’t local NFM is like a gigantic furniture store combined with a gigantic electronic store combined with a giant kitchen store. They are also official dealers of several different labels most notably (and the ones that interest me) Apple and Le Creuset. If you can put it in your home they have it. So needless to say I had *zero* idea of what to get with the gift card. I floated the idea of a new digital camera (mine is 3 years old and SLOOOOOW) as well as a digital picture frame. In the end though I bought a few things I have been lusting after for years…Le Creuset bakeware.


Beautiful no?

Also a few video games (Fat Princess has been the recent favorite), a few Blu-Ray movies (including Inception which is one my all time favorite movies), a “Wicked” calendar, a Martha Stewart craft book, and a nifty local production vintage cookbook (weird but not scale tipping weird nor is it too vintage). And a few other randoms that will remain nameless.

What’s your resolutions and why?