I Won…

So it was announced that I won a giveaway on Fab Finds Under $50 for the grand prize of 2 outfits from Just My Size:


Not bad eh?! I do win things from time to time, not often but often enough that it keeps me motivated to keep trying to win things. Guess this time I got lucky…now I won’t win anything for another year. 😦

Anyway I digress…they arrived yesterday and I tried them all on.

As for the outfit on the left the purple leopard print top is sleeveless but very comfortable. Same for the sweater and pants. And the pants are lined so it “smooths” everything out. Not bad. Worn all together it reminds me too much of church dress so I doubt that I will ever wear them all at the same time. I definitely see possibilities just not together.

As for the one on the right I like the gray top very much. Very colorful, very sparkly (there is bling on and around the red flower) and very comfortable. I like the cut of it especially. I do not like the pants though. Besides this funny little seam down the front of the leg they are too short and too tight in the ankle area (where it would be if it was the proper length anyway). I *might* wear them tucked into boots and that’s it. Not good otherwise. Just not good for my body – well – my ankle area anyway.

Otherwise, yeah! I love winning things!!

Just My Size Winnings