New Purse

I am so fricking picky about my purses. I definitely have a style though – a colored hobo from a lower end designer line. Like Franco Sarto or Nine West which seem to be the ones I buy the most (why lower end designer? it’s the stitching and the details – they have great details and do not fall apart as easily). It was time for me to fall in love with another one I suppose so meet my newest love:


It isn’t that red in real life nor is it this orange – it’s more of a red-orange:


I bought it at DSW for a song (They don’t carry my shoe size but in 2 or 3 pairs so I don’t shop there but I was killing time while the boyfriend was Christmas shopping and didn’t want to run into him). Absolutely beautiful and so my style. 🙂 I don’t see it on either DSW’s webpage or Nine West’s so I have no idea what it’s called.