Review: My Recent Purchases

I received that winter coat I bought from Avenue online. So how is it?

Well the armholes feel…weird. Very narrow. Not a lot of room there for sweaters and other bulky sleeves. I like the cut – it’s definitely cut for the taller peeps (5’8″ +) rather than for the shorties out there based on the waist line and length. The heft is also nice, definitely a nice enough wool and will probably be pretty decent when it’s cold out. That part I wish I knew more about but that would mean it would have to snow…and yeah…no thank you.

As for the riding boots I bought. They are perfect. Okay, not really. They are fake leather and the soles are plastic, obviously the real thing would be much better but they are wonderful! I am able to adjust the tightness on my calf using the lacing up the back, so whether I am wearing a skirt or jeans they will fit snugly. Further they are wide enough for my feet and tall enough on my calf. Love them! Now let’s just see how long they actually last…


2 thoughts on “Review: My Recent Purchases

  1. Anonymous says:

    I came across your blog while searching for reviews on the Jalisa boots from Avenue. My enormous calves have betrayed me far too often that I am now reluctant to try these. My legs are fairly short which means that most “knee high boots tend to hit the widest part of my calves.
    I really appreciated your comments and I think I might actually pull the trigger on these. Would you mind posting the shaft height? Do you feel that they might be comfortable for all-day wear?
    Thanks in advance!!


    • karmatir says:

      They come up about 13/14 inches from heel level but that is completely straight, they seem to scrunch a bit around the ankle. I do think they would be comfortable all day, I wore them last night for 3 hours just to see how they felt and it was fine then.


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