When Did I Become THAT Girl?!


My actual make-up tray on top of my vanity. The tray itself is a relish or appetizer glass tray I found at a thrift store. It’s solid and rather old that much is for sure. But it has all these great compartments perfect my little odds and ends. It’s not the tray that bothers me. I’ve been wearing make-up daily (well more or less anyway) since I was 14 and even tried some on as a kid. Its the type of make-up I now own.

If you look closely you will see PUR Minerals stuff in there. You will see primer – I use the Monistat anti-chafing stuff as primer since its cheap and works beautifully but a sample of PUR primer and even eyelid primer is sitting next to it as well. Eyeshadows and concealers for everything. Brushes and sharpeners, eyelash curlers and nail files. Several different lotions and several different body sprays. In short, when the heck did I become THAT girl?! You know the one that buys not just expensive make-up and actually uses it but who also uses stuff you didn’t even know you needed. The one that puts on layers and layers of stuff only to look kinda, mostly – we hope – natural. And none of this shows the crap I have in the drawers of my vanity including, but not limited to, my extra make-up items and all sorts of hair sprays and gels and several different types of brushes and combs. All in an effort to tame my hair but prevent it from becoming “helmet head”.

I didn’t start this way I assure you. Heck I was never much of a purse carrier until I got to college. I had different backpacks all throughout middle school and high school. Once I started wearing make-up I was only putting on powder, mascara (helps darken my eyes without much effort since I am blond and wear glasses) and lipstick or lip gloss depending on my mood. I was a simple girl for a long time. So what the heck happened?! When did I become this complicated?! Yes, it still only takes me 5 minutes or so to put on make-up (you’re doing it wrong if it takes longer than that) but really…what’s with all the different types of make-up and the expensive brands?

I could blame ULTA. Now I live close and they are easy. I know they will have want I need no matter what. I could also blame the internet and reading style blogs. The world got smaller just from my reading them. But probably just me getting older. The world is a different place when your a kid. Things change. You move on. I just wish I could pinpoint the moment in my life when I became that girl.


One thought on “When Did I Become THAT Girl?!

  1. Mom says:

    You know I’m a freak for the glassware and the tray looks to be a toaster tray or a match to one. I would have to see it without all your stuff “muckin'” it up, but the style is a favorite of mine. I think it’s a great idea to use them in a way where they can be seen and appreciated.

    But as for the content of your post – yes, I know it isn’t about the glass tray, even if that’s the best part, to me – but over time my darling it does become an issue that a woman encounters more options. And has the courage to try them on for size – discarding what doesn’t work and making a little room for those things that might work. I like to think that we are continually re-inventing ourselves even if it’s just a little bit.

    And of course, there’s some truth to the old adage “the more you make the more you spend.”


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