Linkage Love – part 2

Yes, more…at least my email box is getting a nice cleaning!

Lucie Lu – some beautiful plus size clothing! I’m definitely buying something from here!

Fiverr – buy and/or sell anything for $5. So neat! I’m not sure what I want yet…but they have a heck of a lot of postcards from around the world and heck $5 is not a bad bargain for that!

How to Make Creme Fraiche – I gotta try this as I can never find any around here.

Saving when living Paycheck to Paycheck – kinda a duh article but not bad.

Since Sunday night is the season finale of Mad Men I felt this needed to be shown – Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce office.

And because I totally need to do this with an old computer I have sitting in the closet – getting rid of an old computer

One of the things I learned as a kid was how to weave. Specifically how to weave baskets from pine needles. Not very many pine trees around here though so I haven’t done it in ages. But they smell lovely!

Some absolutely stunning book collections!!

How to Identify a Bargain – great advice

The recent makeover of the Oval Office in the White House. I dunno if I like it. I kinda miss Bill Clinton’s office – so colorful!!

The Speech Accent Archive – where you can hear accents from all over the world

Tips for making your Blogging better – again duh