Latest Fashion Purchases & Want List

First up a few things I have bought in the last couple of weeks:


I found this summer dress in both black and white on clearance for $8 at Target a couple weeks ago. I could not pass it up. I have since worn the black one a few times before putting them both away for summer next year. I really like the cut in the hips and in the bust. It is definitely shorter than what I am used to though!


Just bought these yesterday at Avenue and so far they are too tight to wear for long periods of time except around the house (how I break in all my shoes). Very on trend though with the whole military look. They also feel very vintage to me…Victorian even. Should be pretty versatile!


My new fall cross body purse bought at Payless (not on their website yet) for $24.99. Love it! Very trendy, of course, but my purses usually are. Not a bad purse so far, it can get heavy if it gets stuffed too full (a problem with most cross body purses from what I can tell).

Now on to some of things I want:

  • Nude Pumps – just don’t own any and I think the look is amazing! But no way am I spending more than $20 or so…it’s a trend piece after all.
  • Brown Riding Boots – I wear 12/13s (usually 13 in boots) and I have a wide calf making the search nearly impossible. I’m still trying though!
  • Green military style jacket – Trendy but I think it’s cool!
  • Winter coat – something pea coat like but new and interesting as my old pea coat (nearly a decade old!) died last winter and the seams literally fell apart. I could fix it but frankly it’s time. I think I’m going to get one of these from Evans London. The price is perfect (even when the exchange rate is taken into consideration) and they are just beautiful!  I’m leaning towards the one on the right as the one on the left looks too thin – it gets cold here! Besides I kinda have a thing for wool.



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