My Unannounced Hiatus

I just disappeared on you there. Sorry about that. No really I am. See a lot happened kinda all at once and a break just came into being. Then writing something some of you would find interesting or funny got even harder and it was easier putting it off. So I did. I can’t do that anymore…time to write.

I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel just as my hiatus began. My hands & wrists hurt A LOT. That’s an understatement…I was in a lot of pain. I have since had cortisone shots that have helped but I am afraid I am going to have do what my doctor wants me to do – get surgery. And that will totally suck. Not to mention cause me to have a 6 week recovery on each hand – one at a time – and be incredibly broke.

During all of this time I also had a wedding to fly to in Lake Tahoe. My boyfriend’s beautiful sister and her now husband tied the knot in Emerald Bay.


Amazing yes? Great choice. It was a beautiful wedding. I do have more pictures to share of the wedding and Lake Tahoe but I drenched my Facebook page with them and I just know all my friends don’t want to see more so I intend to post it along with some other things to look at.

And last but not least, as if the rest of it wasn’t cause for a break, my computer broke. Badly. My back-up failed me hard and I was having trouble getting ANYTHING done never mind on here. So I had to buy a new one. Except I was still having problems. Subtle at first but then worse. Turns out it was a corrupted operating system. Wipe, wipe and I am left with no photos (problems backing it up so I have to order all my files from Shutterfly on disk). I might steal the smaller files from Shutterfly to post here in a few days. Or I’ll just wait for the disk – coming next week sometime.

So between those three I took a break. I am sorry I left without warning but it just happened. Some of the time I was just in too much pain to do anything about it. Other times I was not creative. But hopefully I can do something about it now.