Good-bye Chairs

Remember these chairs from my living room?


This was my last look at them as I dropped them off at the thrift store today. Since the new couch and chair are being delivered on Saturday it was time to get rid of these guys.

I loved these chairs. Really really loved these chairs. I found them 4 years ago (almost to a T – just 3 weeks shy) and they were the first pieces of furniture I bought my newly separated self. They screamed GIRL to me. Only $10 for the 2, vanilla velvet and in like new condition. They even had their Nebraska Furniture Mart tags. Using the address for NFM on the tags told me what years these were probably from (late 60s). I painted them black to update them. And they looked good if I do say so myself. The only problem being the rattan on the sides – my cats loved to scratch that. Since I had big fluffy pillows against the backs it was less noticeable in my living room than it is here.

But now it is time for them to find a new home. I hope someone loves them as much as I did.