I am so NOT a Style Blogger

Yup. Not exactly my thing. Mostly because I have a very casual look and I rarely wear anything interesting. Besides taking a photo of myself everyday does not sound like something I’d do – I’m too lazy for that (ignoring my uniform for work of course)! And too freaking chicken!

But I did take a picture of myself today and what I am wearing. I figured if this blog was all about me and my life, well, fashion is  a part of that. I love reading fashion blogs. And I enjoy being a girl. I love shoes and I love purses!

But mostly the reason I am posting this is because I want to be bolder than my shy self. I am much too shy for my own good and maybe this will help me feel more comfortable in my own skin. Maybe. 🙂


  • pink cardigan: Shopko (July 2010 – on clearance $18)
  • white tank: Walmart (March 2010 – $6)
  • denim capri’s: No idea I’ve had these at least 3 or 4 years
  • black and white flower flip flops: Avenue (July 2010 – $4.50)
  • crystal quartz necklace: Colorado rock shop ($5)

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