Stuff I Bought

My stable work shoes died a very painful death. I was sad to see them go. So I decided I had to find another “to wear when I can’t decide what other shoes will last me 13 hours of the day” pair of shoes. My go to pair. I figured since Avenue was having their sale this weekend (ends today!) I’d make the most of it and see what I could get. No work shoes – but I did get some interesting things!

I have no idea what the prices of these would be for other people I just know these were the prices I paid at my store.

I *had* to get the brown dress shoes. I fell in love with them online and had to have them. Besides I’m sick of all my black shoes…I always buy black. Heck most of my clothes are black. I even have black and white scarves. I have to make the excuse that I bought the black and white flip flops to replace a black pair that are on their last leg. Sad state of affairs I’m afraid. I think I need an intervention.